Why Opt for Blockchain Jobs?

2017 was the seminal year for blockchain technology. It was the year when blockchain has arrived and created a huge buzz in the digital industry. As it is still in its early stage, a lot of people are not yet acquainted with this concept. Those who don’t know about blockchain, it is a series of transparent ledgers resistant (blocks or records) to unauthorized alteration and hacking. Because of the growing number of networks participating in this technology, it’s no surprise that blockchain jobs are in high demand right now!

Despite being in its early stage, many businesses have become familiar with this technology and it’s potential. Undoubtedly, blockchain technology offers a protected method of keeping crucial records. This is recognized and acknowledged by a number of industries.

Blockchain technology enables businesses to mitigate the transactions and transfers cost. Because it eliminates the intermediary needs, it becomes a faster and easy exchange medium for many businesses.

Qualms about getting a job in Blockchain industry

A lot of people have some qualms about getting jobs in the blockchain industry for various reasons. Firstly, the concept is new to them. However, this technology has been around for nearly about 10 years, but as people come to know now about it, so for them it is a new concept.

Secondly, there is a possibility that this technology could enter into “winter” phase. This phase is an era of decline in terms of efforts, time and resources invested in the artificial intelligence. Let’s say you are starting a new job with a great enthusiasm. During the beginning stage, you may feel quite excited, but later on, your interest starts fading. Sometimes you don’t feel like going to the office or even work and then you will feel like switching to the new job. That is the winter phase.

Reasons to opt for Blockchain job

According to experts, blockchain technology is less likely to enter the ‘winter’ phase. It will rather stay for a long span and will be high in demand because it is at the forefront of security, cryptography and distributed systems. This means getting blockchain jobs is definitely be in the trend. The blockchain technology progresses in the terms of security protocols and cryptography. This advanced feature will definitely become the standards of other parts of the digital economy.

Available blockchain jobs in London

Big companies especially a financial institution like NASDAQ, Visa, JP Morgan Chase are in need of developers who can create solutions in order to make the backend procedures more efficient. Also, such entities need developers to develop new technologies for their operations. However, the jobs are not restricted to financial institutions, but companies like IBM and Microsoft also have openings for blockchain jobs into their business model.

Other blockchain jobs that are highly in demand are technical consultants, software engineers, marketers, cybersecurity strategists, technical consultants and healthcare.

In demand Blockchain jobs

  • Web developers for optimizing the efficiency and ensuring smooth business processes.
  • Web designers to create a smooth presentation of the company as it related to potential investors, and customers
  • Project managers to create bridges that connect one business component to the another. They convert technical language that a designer or developer communicates to convey to decision making people.
  • Community support to help to troubleshoot the problems of people who are having any sort of difficulty in technology
  • Financial technologists to maintain electronic transaction records, upgrading the record-keeping system and duties
  • Marketing and advertising personnel to bring business to the company and to help people to get a good grasp of the technology.

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