Blockchain technology has emerged as a revolution in the digital industry. Today, more and more people are looking for blockchain jobs in London and across the world. The reason is – It’s scope.

With its explosive growth in 2017, it became the second most popular search word in the website of Gartner and continue to gain significance across various industries. However, many people are still unaware of it and about the scope, it has in the near future. If you are also looking for answers to these questions then keep reading the post.

What is the Blockchain technology?

Basically, blockchain technology is the combination of three technologies – P2P Network, protocol or program, and private key cryptography. This technology represents an innovation that reduces the requirement of an intermediate trusted authority in order to facilitate digital relationships.

It comprises an expanded list of records known as blocks that are linked to each other and protected using cryptography. Each of these blocks includes a cryptographic hash of the timestamp, transaction date as well as previous block. A blockchain, which is also known as a shared ledger, a decentralized, distributed ledger in a digital format can easily record transactions between two different parties effectively and in a permanent and verifiable manner.

Bitcoin- A popular product by the Blockchain technology

One of the most popular products provided by the blockchain technology is the Bitcoin. It is a cryptocurrency or digital currency that serves as a public ledger for all the transactions done on the network. This currency has not only solved the problem of double spending and eliminates the requirement for any intermediate trusted authority.

The scope of Blockchain Industry

A number of blockchain events in London were organized with the main goal, to discuss the scope of Blockchain industry. The reason is the cryptocurrencies have left a mark in the business world that can’t be erased easily.

According to experts, this technology will shape the world in the near future. How? Let’s read on…

  • Government based Cryptocurrency

The current scenario gives an indication that paper currency is on its last legs. While many people consider cryptocurrency as a bubble to burst, but the fact is it is the most valuable asset available in the market. The demand continues to soar and it is not wrong to predict that the government will create their own cryptocurrencies in order to avoid losing an unregulated asset, and face to an independence.

  • Beyond Computing Environment

2017 is the year that has opened the eyes of the world regarding the endless possibilities in the use of blockchain technology. Countries like Malta are creating their own strategies of blockchain to embrace the future. Moreover, there is a high possibility that other progressive nations will soon go to adopt the model to create a stable financial environment to overcome the economic crisis. It has been predicted that in the coming years, Blockchain will be used to address a wide assortment of issues related to identity theft and finances security.

  • Management of World Trade using Blockchain

The blockchain’s business value is how it easily it enables other to follow the supply chain of any product that is delivered using the blockchain technology. The advent of tracking number enables the customer to get the information of their product location. The convenience of easy cargo shipments registration allows involved parties to follow the delivery process from pick up to drop areas.

Wrapping the post

Undoubtedly, the scope of Blockchain technology is quite bright and we hope that it provides us with a plethora of benefits in the near future. If you are looking to be a part of the blockchain industry and looking for blockchain jobs in UK, then https://blockchainjobslondon.com/ is your ultimate destination. The site offers a wide range of blockchain jobs in London and across the UK. Explore the site and choose your desired job today!

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